Well… attempt # 7,386 to eat clean and get ripped! My entire life, all 41 years, I have wished to be ripped! I’ve finally realized all the wishing in the world will not get me the results I am looking for! That’s right – good old fashioned hard work and dedication is what it will […]

  Home » 2011 » Pumpkin Pucks Stacy is one heck of a baking savant. Seriously. While I enjoy baking and have read books and recipes and taken classes to get good at it, Stacy has no academic background in baking. Some might see this as a disadvantage, but not her. She just plows on […]

  Tomato and Summer Squash Bake Perfect for Clean Gut and Refresh. This recipe is the perfect way to put the abundance of late summer vegetables to good use. A vegetable bake is a wonderful meat-less dish (feel free to remove the anchovies), that works for the Gut and Refresh programs and can be easily […]

Any white fish Few pats if butter or ghee Sprinkle with seasoned salt Bake DONE!

No, this is not a countdown to Christmas! I am always challenging myself. I love to be challenged! Otherwise eh – I don’t really care! I hate diets and restrictions….. I love wine and good food…. so realistically eating in moderation is my ticket! Maintaining my weight or losing a few pounds is always where […]

That’s right- SAY WHAT? Someone told me my blog was “cute” today! TRANSLATION:  someone is actually reading this 🙂 thank you      

Blueberry and Stone Fruit Crumble This recipe is for Clean Cleanse and Refresh (not Gut). This is a great way to enjoy the abundance of summer stone fruit and berries. The protein and healthy fats in the almonds and coconut (as well as the cinnamon) help keep blood sugar levels stable, but berries and stone […]