cleanse smarter

The Clean Cleanse is the most endorsed, supported and effective cleanse in the world. It was designed
by cardiologist and cleanse specialist Dr. Junger M.D. to be easy to follow and safe to conduct.

start your cleanse


Dr. Junger M.D. created Clean to help improve his own health. Through his travels around the world he learned about the power of cleansing.


Wellness programs made to be simple, designed to be finished.



Between CleansesA 7-day program used
between cleanses to get
your health back on track.

Get back on track


Clean CleanseA 21-day deep reset to feel
better and get clean.

Start your cleanse

the Cleanse

Clean Essentials

After the CleanseMonthly shake and
supplements to stay clean
after your cleanse.

Supplement right


    “As I write this, I am finishing the amazing three-week long Clean detox program… I can report that it worked wonders”

    Gwyneth Paltrow Actress & GOOP founder


    “Clean is amazing. This comprehensive program fits perfectly with holistic, empirical and time-tested nutritional and spiritual methods for bringing the micro-biome, our internal micro-community, back onto our side to sustain a blissful life.”

    Robert Thurman Author of Inner Revolution


    “Clean [the book] is a masterpiece of healing….”

    Dr. Mark Hyman Doctor


    “With an acute understanding of the interconnectedness of body and mind, Clean presents a view of detoxification as a spiritual as well as physical necessity. Dr. Junger has given us a roadmap not only to greater health but also to greater joy.”

    Marianne Williamson Author of The Age of Miracles


    “My skin and hair look better, my eyes look clearer.”

    Rachel Roy Fashion Designer

360º Support

Get total support from a team of Clean wellness coaches, chefs, nurses, and doctors.

Visit Clean Support support

Clean gut

clean gut

The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause
of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health

“Dr. Junger shows us how we don’t have to suffer any
longer, nor feel tired, sick, or weighed down with
the sludge of modern life.”

Mark HymanBuy Clean Gut now:

Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Indie Bound

Clean book


The Revolutionary Program to Restore the
Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself

Through “Clean” Dr. Junger teaches us methods of cleansing, not only our physical bodies
but also cleansing as a way of life-he shows us the power we have on a day-to-day basis
to strive to be the healthiest, positive most
beautiful beings possible.

DonnaBuy now: Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Indie Bound

The NewYork Time

clean manifesto

Our 5 Core Principles

Food Is Information

Food isn’t just calories, it’s information. Every bite we take is telling our genes and cells how to express themselves. It is important for us to start making the connection between what we eat and how we feel.


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