Well… attempt # 7,386 to eat clean and get ripped! My entire life, all 41 years, I have wished to be ripped! I’ve finally realized all the wishing in the world will not get me the results I am looking for! That’s right – good old fashioned hard work and dedication is what it will take. Which leads me to attempt  #7,386 MAKE A VISION BOARD!

I should post a picture of my board… i will eventually… it’s nothing pretty but it gets the job done! Already saved me from eating a bag of corn nuts, some goldfish crackers, drinking a soda and indulging in wine… alone. (Social drinking will never be taken off the menu)

I keep reminding myself – NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SUCCESS!

So here I go again – trying to eat CLEAN! No dairy No gluten No refined sugar No processed food and protein in every meal i eat! Thank God I love eggs and veggies!!!!!!!

I may fail all the time, BUT I don’t care. Each failure has taught me and lead me to a healthier lifestyle, one I never thought was possible. To think I was a tang drinking, cigarette smoking, sugar cereal addict, wine guzzling, canned food eating, soda monster just a few short years ago is crazy! Okay…. Okay…. I’m still a wine guzzler……

Cheers to only wine guzzling with friends and doing my best to keep my hands out off the cheezits bag!



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