WEEK TWO – MY TWO CENTS about eating like a cavewoman… well 95% cavewoman…


95% Paleo Pure- my opinion two weeks in— ALL IN…
What I like:
Fueling my body with fresh meals filled with vitamins and minerals
Not hungry- meals are filling (prior to this I was hungry more often)
My family loves the meals as well (although I do not want my kids to be paleo but they have eaten healthier because I am)
More mindful of what I eat – or what I pass up – i think of all the crap that would have entered my body
Energy level staying more consistent
Eating more fish
Enjoying my food
Found easy paleo snacks (sweet treats) dried bananas, dried pineapples, Luna bars (coconut and cashew and chocolate coconut)
Crazy how EVERYThING has SUGAR!
Cooking with coconut oil is fun and yummy
Learned what ghee is
Eating out: I ate out two times and looked at the menu before I went – one time I even ate a few meatballs to fill me up and had tuna tar tar (little serving) at the restaurant BE PREPARED!!!!!

Time consuming (as all cooking is) but week two has been easier
Remember i do NOT have a green light to over eat and still need to watch fat intake (even if healthy fat)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Start up cost  – little investment – but must less waste in the end

As week three approaches I am not missing dairy or grains. However, this week I will allow two cheat ingredients (not meals) So, I will keep with paleo BUT will add cheese to my quiche and have bread with almond butter – still healthy but increases my repertoire of what I can eat and perhaps eat something I’m craving.

Here’s my 5% not paleo – wine- protein shakes and energy drinks
Sorry- Wine is always on the menu-

Point to Ponder:
Digestion starts in the brain (not mouth) Digestion is HARD work for the body and if not given the time and “quiet” the body requires, it does not digest food properly. The body is all about balance – although each one of us is unique our digestions begins in the brain- NO exceptions!

I am gathering recipes for week three – excited i am sticking to it! i am the worst dieter on the planet – although I am trying to make this my lifestyle not a diet! Also lost a few pounds – feel strong 🙂



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